​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Served as the Marketing Manager for the Student Body President Campaign Team.
Duties included
- Create all targeted Social Media content (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) 
- Design logo.
- Produce T-Shirts and Banners.
- Film testimonials and promotional videos.
- Edit and produce videos for posting on social media.
- Take headshots of the team, as well as group photos and event photos. 
- Create website encapsulating the entire campaign.
- Write copy and content for targeted audiences on social medias.

Served under the candidate and the campaign manager, had a team of 9 that worked under our guidance, as well as an auxiliary team of 150 who assisted in direct marketing.
Graphics created for social media postings and the website were made with eye-popping colors, multi-dimensional aspects, geometrical aspects, and sometimes referenced outside trends like the Bachelor.

T-Shirt Design

Our videos targeted not only the current students at Texas A&M but also incoming freshmen for the following year. We used references to The Office, trending music, the SuperBowl and more to successfully reach the student body.

Introductory video to the campaign team, using The Office to create a parody.

"Why I'm Running" uses a metaphor, running across campus while explaining why Ben is running for Student Body President.

Tips for the incoming freshman class, not only targeting students at Texas A&M University, but also students who would also be affected by the Student Body President, but usually would have not know about the elections.

The team explains why they support Ben Johnson for Student Body President.

Shut Up & Dance allows students to connect with our campaign, seeing that we are normal students who like to have fun and goof around. This allows the viewer to better connect with the campaign.

Campaign video parody of a SuperBowl commercial. This video went viral, hitting 16 thousand views on Facebook and 37 thousand views on Twitter. 

Social Media Postings
What you post has to be thought out, and targeted for the right audiences. We used references to Texas A&M and popular trending styles to attract our audiences.

Website used for engaged users to educate on candidate policy/platform, team information and a media repository. The site has interactive objects to keep visitors busy and excited, and allows the user to understand Ben beyond what meets the eye. 

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