Graphic Design 
     - Screen/sublimation print, product mockups, web/email/collateral purposes, print
Create bi- to tri-weekly email marketing and SMS campaigns to generate an average of $42K/mo
     - Carefully curate content, select offers, write various versions of copy/subject/preview lines, to be visually compelling, on-brand, and strategically urge viewers to convert sales

Utilize email drip campaigns to automate conversions based on customer activity to generate an average of $9K/mo
     - Welcome, post-purchase, win-back, unengaged, and abandonment activity flows

Research, correspond with, and negotiate with hundreds of influencers, for paid and gifting collaborations to generate a 500% average ROI

Set up product filtering/cross-selling programs to increase product exposure through filtered search, an average 12% jump in total orders, 50% jump in AOV, and 3% increase in revenue

Support operations through data analysis and reporting on reach, sales, inventory, and ROI KPIs

Product and lifestyle photographer

Design apparel and accessories

QA all copy used on websites and collateral using AP style

Paid social
     - Build out all ads from end to end to target prospective, mid-funnel, and LTV consumers based on their demographics and interests.
     - Design creatives, write copy, set up targeting, monitor results and adjust budgeting based on success
     - Continuously A/B test to compare and improve customer impact

Create seasonal line sheets to display products for sales reps
Website Banners
Email Campaign Designs
Product Design

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