I get it. It's a lot. I wouldn't want to read through it all either. So here's your tl;dr (too lazy; didn't read) solution. 

Michelle Ashley Hoang- creative marketing designer, strategist, curator, and visionary. 
I build brands
I speak for brands (digitally, anyway). 
I take photos
I make videos
I can design anything. 
There's an article. About me. Eep!
I increased social following for DECA Dental Group by 327%.
I once made a video go viral #checkthatoffmybucketlist.
I worked in tangent with the Smile with Lay's campaign in 2019. 
Management of: 
 - Influencers
 - Online Listings
 - Reviews
 - Agencies
 - Print vendors
 - Reputation
& of course, community management
Intermediate with web development.
I plan events. For a lot of people. With a big budget. And then photograph them. *wipes sweat off forehead*

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