July 2019
Let me tell you about the coolest experience I have ever been a part of. Smile With Lay's 2019. DECA's CCO (Chief Clinical Officer) was chosen as one of the "smilers" for the 2019 campaign. The team chose people across the country who "made smiles." The smilers chosen had incredible stories. Akio is a tech worker dedicated to making others feel special through the “analog technology” of handwritten notes. Tawanda spreads holiday cheer by organizing toy drives for underprivileged families in her community.Dr. Shalin Patel (my CCO) is a dentist who supports his practice in volunteer efforts to provide free dental screenings for hundreds of elementary school students. As DECA's point person for all social and photo opportunities, I was invited to join the photo/video shoot. 
One signed NDA and 5 months later, the campaign went live. The photoshoot was printed on millions of bags across the world. The video shoot turned into a video series for Operation Smile and Lay's. It was impeccable. 
If you needed proof that I could keep a secret, this was it. 

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